This year's Science Fair/STEM Day was on

 April 26, 2018

Registration is Now Closed!  

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The Puesta del Sol Science Fair is a celebration of the scientific method, providing students an enriching opportunity to explore science outside the classroom.

To participate in the fair, students:

  • Select and research a topic
  • Identify a testable question – one that will provide results that can be measured
  • Design and perform an experiment
  • Create a posterboard summarizing the experiment, with sections for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion
  • Present it at the fair, and answer questions about their project from parents and other participants

The goal of the Science Fair is to allow students to develop a deeper appreciation for the proper method of scientific discovery. It provides a fun environment for students to solve problems and tell a story.

All members of the Puesta del Sol community are encouraged to come to the Fair on April 26th.  You will be able to engage with our student scientists, ask them questions about their research projects, and learn something cool about science!

In addition, there will be plenty of fun activities, pizza and bake sale goods for purchase, and a scavenger hunt with prizes.

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