February 12th -  March 20th 
 Date:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Puesta del Sol Gym & Library

UPDATE:  Due to school cancellations, we were unable to hold the planned Science Fair Information Night.  To fill this gap, the Science Fair Committee Chairs created a 17 minute Science Fair Information Video to help parents better understand how to participate in the Science Fair.  Please watch the video!



The Puesta del Sol Science Fair is a celebration of the scientific method, providing students an enriching opportunity to explore science outside the classroom.

To participate in the Science Fair, students:

  • Select and research a topic
  • Identify a testable question – one that will provide results that can be measured
  • Design and perform an experiment
  • Create a poster board summarizing the experiment, with sections for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion
  • Present it at the fair, and answer questions about their project from parents and other participants

The goal of the Science Fair is to allow students to develop a deeper appreciation for the proper method of scientific discovery.  It provides a fun environment for students to solve problems and tell a story.

All members of the Puesta del Sol community are encouraged to come to the Science Fair.  You will be able to engage with our student scientists, ask them questions about their research projects, and learn something cool about science!

In addition, there will be plenty of fun activities, pizza and bake sale goods for purchase, and a scavenger hunt with prizes.  If you would like to donate prizes for the Scavenger Hunt or assist in preparations for the Science Fair, please email Paige and Tara at

Important Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get started?
Start planning now! Pick a topic and develop a testable research question. See "Steps for a Successful Science Project", Science Buddies topic selection wizard, and other links below.

Should the poster be in English or Spanish?
The choice is up to you, though there will be special awards for projects in Spanish

Can students work in groups?
Yes, though we encourage students to work on individual projects. Groups will be grouped at the highest grade level of the participants.

When and where do students set up their poster displays?
All participants will receive their ROOM ASSIGNMENTS on April 21 in an automated email to the participant’s parents. This is where your child must report and set up their project board on the evening of April 26. Please contact the Science Fair team if you do not receive this important information by April 22nd.

Can students bring demonstrations or giveaways?
Safe demonstrations and displays that don't involve spillable liquids or live animals are welcome. No food or candy, please.

Besides volunteering, how else can I contribute to the Science Fair?

  • Donate science-themed items as Scavenger Hunt raffle prizes.  Contact the Science Fair team if you can donate items for the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Contribute to the bake sale – by bringing pre-packaged items or buying food! We will have pizza, water, and bake sale items available.  If you can donate, drop off individually wrapped NUT FREE items at the Bake Sale Table on the day of the event.
  • Please NO NUTS, peanut butter, or nut butter in the baked goods.
  • Packaged snacks are a great donation idea for those who are allergy aware.
  • Savory snacks are great in addition to sweets.
  • Items need to be individually wrapped (baggies are fine) and will be sold for $1

Where can I park?

If the lots in the school are full and you park in the neighborhood, the Bellevue Police Department has asked us to remind you not to park along both sides of 133rd Ave. SE between SE 41st St. and the entrance to campus. Cars parked on the side of the street encroach too far onto the street and force cars to drive in the other lane. It is okay to park on both sides of 133rd Ave. SE south of SE 41st St. because the street is wider. A good rule of thumb, however, is that if a car must cross the centerline to get around your vehicle, it is best to park elsewhere. Of course, please also abide by any other street signs related to parking around the neighborhood, and remember not to block any of our neighborhood driveways.

More questions? Contact the Science Fair team at


Sra. Brody has many science books available in the library right now! You can access SIRS discoverer, an online science database for young researchers, from the library computers or at home .  For login and password contact the Science Fair team at

Some other great resources are below.

Science Fair Workshop/Presentation


Science Project Ideas
Creating a Science Poster Display
Spanish Resources
External Science Fair Project Resources

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