Welcome to our incoming Kindergarten students & families! Our PTA Family Fun team has planned a bunch of playdates over the summer to have an opportunity to meet each other before school starts on Friday, September 3rd. 

Wednesday June 23rd—1 pm
Evergreen Park, 15655 Lake Hills Blvd, 98008
Tuesday July 6th—6pm
Lewis Creek Park, 5808 Lakemont Blvd, 98006
Saturday July 24th—10 am
Spiritridge Park, 3200 161st Ave SE, 98008
Thursday August 5th—7 pm
Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/96441596755?pwd=TS9oaUlaOGF1OTVuNG5tUjAyYklkQT09
Friday August 13th—4 pm
Hidden Valley Park, 1905 112th Ave NE, 98004
Friday August 29th—3 pm
Puesta del Sol Playground

Questions? Email:[email protected]

A closed Facebook page has been created for the Puesta del Sol Class of 2034 by a Puesta del Sol parent. This Facebook group is not affiliated with the PTA. We encourage you to join the page to get to know your class.