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Puesta del Sol Elementary’s


2018 "Time After Time" Auction

Saturday, March 24, 2018, 5pm-12am

Bellevue College Gymnasium, Bellevue, WA

It’s time for parents to connect, enjoy an evening out, and come together to 
support our school community! 

Join us at the Puesta del Sol PTA-Sponsored Auction, for dinner and entertainment, and to bid on items, events, and experiences to support our students! 

                                        Purchase Tickets
Tickets: $65/person; VIP $75/person

Silent Auction
Live Auction
Class Artwork
Teacher Experiences
Dinner Served
Dancing and Entertainment
Prom Photo
(Prom Attire Optional)




Auction Schedule
Saturday, March 24th,  5pm – 12am

Doors open at 5pm
(Check-in begins)
Silent Auction begins 5:30pm
Silent Auction ‘Table 1’ closes at 6:40pm
Silent Auction ‘Table 2’ closes at 6:50pm
Silent Auction ‘Table 3’ closes at 7:10pm

Live Auction begins 7:30pm
Dinner begins 7:30pm
Dancing & Entertainment begins
after live auction!







Volunteers! Donation of Time!
Always needed, always appreciated!
Volunteers are needed before/after the auction and the evening of the auction!
Email: auction@puestadelsolpta.org


Auction 2018 FAQs

Do you have questions? We have answers!

  1. What is the school auction and why do we have one this year?
    The Puesta del Sol PTA sponsors a school auction every other year to help raise funds for programs and school-wide events benefiting students, teachers, staff, and families. The auction only happens every other year, so enough funds need to be raised to support PTA efforts for two years. Our school auction is a fundraiser – in which attendees bid to win items/experiences - and community-building event. There will be a silent auction and live auction. A live auction adds an exciting component to the event! Attending the auction also provides an opportunity for parents and other school community members to meet and mingle in a non-school, relaxed setting.
  2. How do I purchase tickets?
    Tickets are only available for purchase online this year.  Purchase your tickets and follow the instructions.
  3. How do I make sure I can sit with specific people?
    During your online ticket purchase, you can request to sit with specific people by name, buy a table, or request a group. For example, “I would like to sit with other 3rd grade parents’ would encourage our organizers to try their best to sit you with other parents who have students in the 3rd grade.
  4. How do I get my tickets?
    There are no physical tickets. Your name will be on an rsvp list at the door, along with your check-in packet. You are welcome to print out your receipt; however, a receipt will be automatically emailed to you to the address provided during ticket purchase.
  5. Do I have to dress to the theme? Do I have to wear prom attire?
    No! Absolutely not! While the school auction always has a theme, it is entirely optional to participate in the theme via dress.
  6. I have dietary considerations. Can I choose my dinner?
    Yes. Upon purchasing your tickets, you will be asked for your choose of meal. There are 3 choices including a vegetarian option. If you have other considerations, please contact us ASAP and we will try to accommodate you.
  7. How do I bid on items/experiences? Can I see what items are available before the night of the auction?Upon check-in at the door, you will be given a packet including your auction catalog and a bid number. If you want to bid on anything during the auction, a credit card must be confirmed with our check-in volunteers. During the silent auction, you will write down your bid number alongside the item on which you’re bidding; during the live auction, you will ‘raise your number’ to win an item or participate in an event/experience. You will use your assigned number to donate. Yes, you can see auction items on our online catalog.
  8. What are teacher experiences?
    Some teachers or staff have donated their time to spend with a specific number of children for a donation. Some experiences may be offered as a ‘sign up’ nature and others will be won by the highest bidder! Teacher and staff experiences could be open to a specific number of students, specific grades, on- or off-campus, etc. Each experience differs and you will need to check them out! This was not required and we are very appreciative of those who have volunteered!
  9. What is class artwork?
    This year, each classroom created a group art project that will be auctioned on this night. Some items will be offered during Silent Auction ‘Table 2’, and there may be a few during the live auction.
  10. What is the dessert dash?
    While dessert is included in your entrance to the auction, each table earns their dessert! There will be an elaborate dessert table, with desserts donated by our fabulous parent and local community, and a ‘Dessert Dash’ envelope on each table. The members of each table contribute to the ‘Dessert Dash’ by writing their number on the envelope indicating the amount they would like to donate. After envelopes are collected, tables are ranked in order depending on the total of their table donation. The ranking dictates your table’s order in choosing a dessert from the dessert table. It is a ‘dash’ because each table nominates a ‘runner’ to dash to the dessert table to choose a dessert when your table number is called. It is a lot of fun!
  11. How do I pay for the items I ‘win’? What else will I need to pay for at the auction?
    At the end of the evening, or when you are ready to leave, you will ‘check out’ with our check-out volunteers. You will then receive your items or confirmation of experiences. During the evening, you may want to also want to purchase beverages. There will be alcoholic and non-alocholic options. Beverage tickets can be pre-purchased online or on the night of the auction.
  12. Will childcare be available?
    The Puesta del Sol PTA will be not be providing childcare; however, Adventure Kids - Bellevue has offered Puesta del Sol Auction attendees 10% off childcare on March 24th and will remain open until 12am.