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                   How Much Do Specific Resources Cost?


Welcome to the 2017/2018 school year!
We are planning some amazing events that build community and raise essential funds for programs and activities here at Puesta del Sol.  Please check back here for updated 2017/2018 fundraising targets and activities.  More to come soon!


Support Your School

Fundraising dollars provide materials, events and learning opportunities.  Limited public school funds cannot provide for all of the programs we want our children to have. 




Fundraising Totals for 2016-17:

Walkathon $38,625
Dining for Dinero $300
Passive Fundraising $207
Charitable Donations $2480
Corporate Matching $9997
Amity Fundraiser  $6000
Total Raised (Gross) $63,580

Donate Here

 Donate Here

Corporate Matching Page



PTA Fundraisers for 2017-2018

Walkathon - October 6, 2017

Scholastic Fall Book Fair - October 2-6, 2017

Ice Skating - November 24-December 15, 2017  and 
January 2-15, 2018

Puesta del Sol School Auction - March 24, 2018


Passive Fundraising

Get “FREE” Money for Puesta Del Sol when you collect box tops from your grocery purchases, dine at local restaurants, shop at grocery and drug stores, or shop online.  No Donations Required.  It's easy!!!  Clip and drop off Box Tops, participate in Dining and Activities for Dinero events, or follow the links to register your rewards cards.  See program details below or contact us at fundraising@puestadelsolpta.org with any questions.  Thank you for helping our kids!

  • Box Tops for Education - Clip and save Box Tops from General Mills products to earn money for our school!  Each Box Top is worth 10¢. In 2015-16, the Puesta del Sol community did a great job collecting over 7,500 box tops. Our first grade classes won our annual grade-level Box Tops Competition.  We are collecting Box Tops until the end of the year and they can be turned into the collection box in the school office. 

  • Dining and Activities for Dinero - These programs are ways in which the Puesta del Sol PTA raises money by receiving a portion of your purchase price for the sponsored event, which expands beyond just dining! We have teamed up with area vendors so that when you purchase and either mention Puesta del Sol or present a required coupon or flyer, the Puesta del Sol PTA receives a portion of your purchase back – often as much as 20%!
    Check out our latest offers!
  • Red Robin “Burgers for Better Schools” Program

    Are you a Red Robin Royalty Rewards Program participant?  Red Robin will donate 1% of your purchases at participating Red Robin locations!  First, sign in to your Red Robin Royalty account dashboard. Next, select “Burgers for Better Schools” on the Red Robin Royalty Rewards account dashboard and choose Puesta del Sol, Bellevue, WA. Each time you dine, present your Red Robin Royalty Member card or alternate ID at the time of payment.  You can follow your progress on your Red Robin Royalty account dashboard! Not a Red Robin Royalty member yet? It’s easy. Simply sign up for the Red Robin Royalty Program at www.royalty.redrobin.com and follow the above steps!  Print out the Burgers for Better Schools flyer to share with friends and family!

In-Store Shopping:

  • Bartell Drugs shoppers - Visit your local Bartell Drugs and ask for a 'B' Caring Card today.  Register your 'B' Caring Card online at EScrip.com.  Designate Puesta del Sol, Bellevue, and shop at Bartell Drugs. Each time you swipe your card and shop, our PTA gets up to 4% of your purchase.

  • Fred Meyer shoppers – Visit your local Fred Meyer and ask for a Fred Meyer Rewards card, if you don’t already have one.  Go to www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards and register your Fred Meyer Rewards card.  If you need to find out your Fred Meyer Rewards card number, call 1-866-518-2686.  When registering your card, be sure to designate Puesta del Sol, Bellevue, as your preferred non-profit organization.  Each time you swipe your card and shop you’ll still get your personal rewards points, but you’ll also get reward funds that go directly to the school.

  • Safeway shoppers - Puesta del Sol PTA can earn 3% from Safeway's family of stores when you shop with Benefit - the free app to instantly buy and redeem gift cards that give back!  Go to www.benefit-mobile.com to get the app (it's FREE!).  Next, select Puesta Del Sol Elementary PTA as your cause.  Lastly, set up your account so you can instantly purchase and redeem gift cards that give back!  More details

Online Shopping:

  • eScrip shoppers When you sign up and shop through the EScrip.com online mall , certain purchases also earn $$ for Puesta del Sol.  Be sure to elect Puesta del Sol, Bellevue, as your preferred non-profit organization.

  • Amazon.com shoppers - Shop at Amazon.com using this link to support Bellevue Schools Foundation.  The BSF receives 8% of every purchase you make to support Bellevue students!


What Does PTA Fundraising Support?

Our Fundraising proceeds are used to cover the costs of PTA programs and events across TWO YEARS, since we only hold a school auction every other year.

Based on our 2015-2016 educational programs, here are estimates of how we plan to invest our Fundraising proceeds each year:

How Much Do Specific Resources Cost?

Here are examples of what your donations can help pay for:

                         $2,500 Helps fund half an Amity Intern's annual scholarship
  $2,000 Supplies 100+ Spanish reading books for the best library in the district
        $1,000 Literary author visit (March 2016, Amulet)
OR Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum for K-1st grades
OR Toymaker visit
  $750 Agendas/Planners for 4th and 5th grades
OR Kindergarten Early Readers books
OR First Day and Principal Coffees
  $500 RAZ Kids Subscription for 5 classes
OR Reflections
  $250 PTA Website and Electronic El Sol Newsletter
  $100 Learning A-Z subscription for one classroom
  $75 Art Appreciation supplies for one classroom

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