El Sol Newsletter Changes for 2017

Dear Puesta del Sol Parents,

After much time, evaluation, and thoughtful deliberation we have decided to change two aspects of our El Sol Newsletters:
1) The frequency of the El Sol
2) The inclusion of supplementary, non-PTA resources.

In regards to how often the El Sol Newsletter will be published:

Instead of seeing the El Sol in your email boxes every single week, you will now find the publication coming to you only twice a month. We have found that this change is in alignment with much of our readership's needs and interests.

In regards to changing the supplementary, non-PTA resources:

We will no longer be including articles that contain information about some of the classes/programs that are not sponsored by the PTA or school. We do understand and value the opportunity for community-building to occur by having our children participate in other, non-school related activities. However, specifically within the El Sol, we would like to reaffirm our focus to be primarily on PTA and school events. You will continue to find us directing you to resources where more information regarding these type of programs can be found.

How we can ensure communication will still be successful:

These changes are being made with much confidence in knowing that information will still be readily accessible to those who have grown accustomed to, and benefited from, our publications. There is great security in knowing how many different, often overlapping, methods we employ as a PTA that funnel communication to our Puesta del Sol Community including: our Puesta del Sol PTA Website, the various Puesta del Sol Facebook Pages, our occasional PTA Communications Emails, as well as our routine El Sol Newsletters. We are also supplemented by our school principal's Noticias del Director and the Puesta del Sol School Website. As always, we welcome feedback on how we can continue to meet the needs of our Puesta del Sol Community as we implement these changes.

The new changes for the El Sol will take effect starting in the publication for the week of 1/30/17.

Editors Wanted!

Finally, we are also requesting help from two willing members to take over the roles of Editor/Assistant Editor for the El Sol. The changes explained above will make this a much more manageable task for any new volunteers that would like to take the role on, and training and support will be complete and substantial. Please consider this fun and creative opportunity which affords the ability for you to volunteer on your own time from home. We appreciate your interest and welcome your questions. Contact us at adminsupport@puestadelsolpta.org.

Thank you for all of your continued support!


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