The charge of the nominating committee is to recognize and recruit the most qualified people available for elected PTA positions as defined by our PTA's standing rules. The members of the nominating committee have a tremendous influence on the future of the our PTA, making it the most important committee in PTA. Having qualified people step into leadership positions in a local PTA or council or at the state level will ensure success for many years into the future.

Some things to remember are:

  • This is one of the most important roles in our PTA!
  • Maintain enthusiasm and be persistent! 
  • "Maybe" doesn't mean "no".

The basic calendar:

  • January - Nominating Committee is elected and meets with PTA Co-Presidents and VP of Communications.  Begin the search for PTA Board candidates.
  • February - Continue the search for PTA Board candidates.  
  • March - Finalize the search for PTA Board candidates.  Write nomination reports for the candidates to submit to the PTA board.
  • April - Attend the PTA General Membership Meeting to introduce candidates and vote to elect the next PTA Board.
  • April/May - New Board Members-elect may attend training at WSPTA conference.

Some resources:

  • Last year's nominating committee has great ideas!
  • Nominating Committee Handbook
  • Meet with the VP of Communications and other PTA Board members
  • Contact Bellevue PTSA Council leadership for more ideas.