Even though Field Day is a fun activity for the students, it takes place at school during school hours, so all school rules still apply! These include:
  • Only BSD registered Field Day Volunteers may attend.
  • All volunteers MUST be registered with the Bellevue School District and that registration must be renewed every 3 years. If you have not volunteered at school already this year, CLICK HERE to start the process. Or visit - https://bsd405.org/get-involved/volunteer/.
  • You must have a valid reason (ie - volunteering) to be at school during school hours.
  • No early student check-out after Field Day ends - unless it’s for a valid appointment. Unless your student has a scheduled appointment, we can’t allow students to be taken out of school between the end of Field Day and the end of the school day. This causes undue stress on our office staff, who are managing a lot of additional activity on Field Day.
  • Field Day Volunteers may help clean up the event, wait in your vehicle, or leave and come back to pick up your student/s at the end of the school day.
Event Photos
We will have a photo booth station with an instant print camera where students can take a printed photo to bring home. We will post some photos taken from a distance of Field Day, but no close up photos will be posted to prevent images of "Do Not Photo" list students from being posted.

Questions? Email [email protected].