Thank you for carefully reviewing the following traffic and parking guidelines at Puesta del Sol. Safety is paramount. Reducing traffic congestion is also very important and your support is greatly appreciated!

During drop-off and pick-up, please:
  • Drive slowly in the loop (5 MPH max).
  • Pull forward to allow max number of cars to drop-off/pick-up at one time (indicated on signs).
  • Have your child ready to exit the car when you come to a stop for drop-off.
  • Do not park and leave your vehicle.
  • Use the crosswalk.
  • Be courteous to one another.



Overflow Parking

Option 1 - Church of the Resurrection

For additional parking, please park at the Church of the Resurrection at 15220 Main St. - just a quick few minutes' walk away from the school. Please only park in the North and West lots not in front of the apartment buildings, as highlighted below.

Church Parking


Option 2  - Hopelink

This year we have additional overflow parking options available for Events like our Pumpkin Bash!
We ask that all families practice patience and courtesy for days that overlaps with events. There will be additional traffic/parking at pick-up, and you may want to plan ahead and allow extra time.
Along with overflow parking in the Church of Resurrection, Hopelink has also granted us permission to park in their lot. This is 40 spots that will be first come, first serve.

There is also a short trail from the residential Cul de Sac neighborhood of 150th PLACE NE leading into campus. Access is through a short greenbelt trail to the back of the school. Please see the map below and find the best place for your family to park and enjoy the festivities!
Church of the Resurrection at 15220 Main St.

Please DO park in their north and west parking lots. Please DO NOT park in their South Parking Lot

Address: 14812 Main St, Greenbelt Neighborhood, access from NE 6th Street onto 150th Place NE.


Option 3 - Forest Trail from 150th PL NE

There is a groomed trail through the trees behind the school. Park on 150th PL NE to access this trail.