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If no email is associated with a program, please email the VP or Director who oversees that program.

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2023-24 Board Members and Program Leaders

President Holly Ellis-Brown [email protected]
Treasurers Michele Snydsman [email protected]
Adam Droker [email protected]
Secretaries Julie Keeney
Jim Simmons
[email protected]
Member at Large Joel Ingraham [email protected]g
Vice President of Membership Jodi Sternoff [email protected]
Advocacy OPEN [email protected]
Nominating Committee OPEN [email protected]
PTA Membership OPEN
[email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN [email protected]
Director of School Relations Carla Merkow [email protected]
Bellevue Schools Foundation Serena Ho [email protected]
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  Carla Merkow
[email protected]
Grant Writing    
Pre-K Liaison Shannon Stewart  
Library Assistants Tressa Braam
Cate Craft
Christina Nieto
Jen Vong
Lorena Korotuz
Kimberly Hauser Smith
Jenn Shaw
Michelle Breske
Chelsie Nieto
Shannon Stewart
Lost and Found Cate Craft
Amy Krell
[email protected] 
New Student Welcome Committee Cheryl Shaw [email protected]
Picture Day OPEN [email protected] 
Room Parent Coordinators Revon Wilson
Scott Bailey
[email protected]
Special Ed Liaison Joel Ingraham [email protected]
Staff Appreciation Stacy Ruegilin
Lisa Shin Shreiner
[email protected] 
Vision/Hearing Screening OPEN  
Yearbook Jenya Petrova [email protected] 
Yearbook Assistant Manchi Leung
Co-Directors of Educational Enhancement Alice Kim
Jackie Zawalski
[email protected]
Academic Challenge Alice Kim [email protected]
Amity & Spanish Aide Alice Kim [email protected]
Art Appreciation Alycia Gerlach
Natalie Danielson
[email protected]
Chess Wizards Parent Advisor OPEN  
Drama Kids Parent Advisor OPEN [email protected]
Fiesta Latina Parent Advisor OPEN  
Flamenco Parent Advisor OPEN  
Garden Club Natalie Danielson
Melicent Smith
Margaret Saunders
Cheryl Shaw
[email protected]
Homework Club Coordinator TBD  
International Spanish Academy (ISA) Marta Parada Rodriguez
Melissa Hammons
Joel Ingraham
[email protected]
Passport Club Coordinator Alycia Gerlach
[email protected]
Reflections OPEN
[email protected]
Robotics Parent Advisor Sarah Moon [email protected]
Science Fair Serena Ho [email protected]
Small Hands Parent Advisor OPEN  
Spanish Immersion through the Arts (SITA) Angela Carey
[email protected]
Transformative Experiences Sharisse Sifuentes
[email protected]
Yoga Adventure Kids Parent Advisor TBD  
Directors of Fundraising Aubra Moore
Dan Welygan
[email protected]
Alumni Coordinator Sabrina Henderson [email protected]
Auction Sabrina Henderson
[email protected]
Book Fair  Tara Jones [email protected]
Dining for Dinero  Sonia Porter  [email protected]
Passive Fundraising/ Corporate Matching Erika Farr [email protected]
Spirit Wear OPEN [email protected]
Walkathon   [email protected]
Director of Special Events Sarah Moon [email protected]
Field Day Cheryl Shaw [email protected]
Fifth Grade Events Athena Boyer
Alycia Gerlach
Tara Jones
Adele Catelle
Linda Pappas
[email protected] 
Game Night/Other Family Fun Event Aly Cohen Droker [email protected] 
Ice Cream Social    
International Festival Carla Merkow
Alycia Gerlach
Sarah Moon
Natalie Danielson
[email protected]
Mariners Night Adam Droker
Aly Cohen Droker
[email protected]
Movie Night Anna Shamitoff
Rochelle Archer
Pumpkin Bash Cathleen Williams
Cheryl Shaw
Kyra Bruns
Lisa Shin Schreiner
Jen Vong
Larissa Luna
Marcos Luna
Sabrina Henderson
Stacy Ruegilin
School Dance OPEN  
Director of Communications Jennifer Green Li [email protected]
Adri Botti
[email protected]
Aly Cohen Droker
[email protected]
Social Media Lisa Shin Schreiner [email protected]
Web Content Serena Ho [email protected]
Web Master & Manager Todd Patrick [email protected]


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