The following are general PTA guidelines on privacy and security.  Specific questions about privacy and security should be addressed to the webmaster at [email protected].

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Website Privacy

Login and Password:

Every user on the PTA website is assigned a login (their selected email address) and password (chosen by the user). Each password is encrypted in the web database and is not visible to any PTA website users including the PTA website administrators. Each user may change his/her own login and password as desired. Website administrators have the ability to change user logins and reset passwords.

Personal Information:

Users of the PTA website can enter and edit personal information such as email, phone, and address. Website administrators also have the ability to view, change or delete user data and remove user accounts.  Users are also able to edit the personal information of other members of their family.

Online Use of Student Names and Photos:

Our PTA Internet policy prohibits the display of students’ full names and also the display of student photos in which students' identities can be determined.  For names, the PTA will use the student's first name followed by a single initial for the last name, e.g. "Jane D."  For photos, permissible exceptions are those which do not show students' faces (e.g. taken from the back side) or photos in which the students' faces are too small for identification even when the photo is enlarged digitally.

The purpose of this policy is to protect the privacy of our students and their families.  This policy extends to all forms of online posting for PTA-sponsored programs and events and includes and is not limited to the PTA website, the PTA Facebook page, PTA registration tools such as, Auction websites, etc.  Student full names and/or photos may be used with express written permission from the student's parent or legal guardian.  This written authorization must be submitted to the PTA president and/or the PTA webmaster and will be stored in our PTA records.  

Online Directory:

The online searchable directory is a restricted resource on the PTA website only for PTA members who are confirmed families at Puesta del Sol. Personal information such as name, email, phone numbers and address is visible to all other “authorized” website users. This information can be limited by each user through the process of concealing data within the directory application or removing data permanently from the user account. Website administrators can remove data upon request.  Most display options are manageable by the individual user from their "My Account" page.

PTA Memberships:

When you purchase a PTA membership on our website, your family information including name, address, and email is transmitted to the Washington State PTA database in order to create or renew your PTA membership.

More information on website security by our web host provider is available on the Our School Pages Privacy and Security page.

Information Collection and Sharing

When you share your name, email address, phone numbers, mailing address, and student information, the PTA may use this information to contact you about orders you have made, registrations for your student, or volunteer positions you have signed up for. 

The PTA does not share your information with outside vendors without your express permission.  If you purchase PTA membership, you understood that we do send your details to the Washington State PTA when the PTA submits your membership order.

The PTA does not share your information with Room Parents or Teachers.  You must provide your information to your student’s teacher in order to be included on the teacher’s email list.  You must provide your information to the Room Parent for your student’s classroom in order to sign up for the classroom website, e.g. Shutterfly or others.


Financial Aid

Scholarship requests are highly confidential. Only treasurers and the principal have information about families that request financial aid. Website administrators do not have access to personal financial information about any Puesta del Sol families except for actual purchases made through the website. For more information on financial aid, please visit our Financial Policies page.


Financial Privacy and Security

Purchases and Registrations:

Users may view their order history, view and edit registration history, and delete unpaid orders. Website administrators have this ability as well. Paid orders cannot be deleted from the website by any users, only by our web hosting provider.

Credit card numbers are NOT stored in the PTA website database. They are transmitted to our credit card processing agency (Authorize.Net) at each point of purchase. PTA Treasurers do not have access to the credit card numbers when processing payments or refunds through the Authorize.Net administration.  More information on financial security by our web host provider is available on the Our School Pages Privacy and Security page.

For more information on the PTA's general financial policies, please visit our Financial Policies page.


Website Security

The PTA website is maintained on a shared server at our web hosting provider, All data on our site is secured by an SSL certificate issued to and every user is assigned a login (their selected email address) and password (selected by the user) in order to access their data such as personal information, order history, and registration history.


Website Administrator: This is a website user that is given this designation in the administration section of our PTA website. A website administrator has full control over all aspects of the configuration and content of the website. They have the authority to make changes in all areas of the site and view all personal data collected by the website’s users. The following individuals are designated as website administrators for our PTA website: web content editor(s), webmaster and backup webmaster, Director of Communications, and PTA membership team.

Authorized User: This is a website user that is designated as “authorized” by a website administrator in the user account. This designation gives the user access to any Restricted content on the website. All currently-enrolled Puesta del Sol families and staff (principal, teachers, and office personnel) who are PTA members and who have accounts on the PTA website are designated as “authorized”.

Web Host Provider: Our PTA website is hosted on web servers that are owned and operated by

Restricted: Throughout the website there are sensitive or confidential resources (pages, documents, or applications) which may be set by the website administrator as “restricted”. This will allow only authorized users of this website to view the resource.

User: A person who is using the PTA website and has created an account on our site. This can be either a Puesta del Sol family member or a visitor from the general public. A visitor is an anonymous person who can see all that is in the public, non-restricted areas of the website. A user has completed the registration process, has an account, and is able to participate in sign ups and purchase products. A user cannot see Restricted content or applications unless the user is designated as “Authorized” by a website administrator.