These are the Puesta del Sol PTA's current financial policies.  You may print this page for future reference.  Please refer back as some policies can change during the school year and the latest review date will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Membership Subsidy Policy

The PTA accepts donations for membership subsidies and offers membership subsidies in accordance with our Membership Subsidy Policy.


Financial Aid

The PTA offers Financial Aid for PTA-sponsored activities and for some school activities such as musical instrument rental. Your Financial Aid application is confidential. Only the School Principal and the PTA Treasurers view the applications.  You can download the application and instructions here: Financial Aid Application.  Please note, there is an annual financial aid limit of $350 per student.

Credit Card Purchases

Almost all PTA purchases can now be made online via credit card. Credit card payments greatly reduce the workload for PTA officers and committee chairs and we respectfully request that you pay by credit card whenever possible. If you believe you need a refund for a credit card purchase, please contact the PTA Payables Treasurer.  See our Refund Policies section below.


Check Payments

The PTA accepts payments via check at events and for some types of online purchases.  Checks should be made payable to the "Puesta del Sol PTA" and the memo field should include information about the purchase.  When payment is made by check for an online purchase through our PTA website, families need to submit the check with the email confirmation directly to the PTA's money mailbox located in the Puesta del Sol school office or via mail to the Treasurer.  Your check must be received within 7 days or your order will be canceled.  If your child is participating in an unpaid activity when the order is canceled, your student will be removed from that activity.

There is a $5 per order check fee that will be automatically added to your online order when you opt to “pay by check.”  Donations, fundraising events, and financial aid co-pays will not be assessed the $5 fee.

Our mailing address is:

Puesta del Sol
Attn:  PTA Treasurer
301 151st Place NE
Bellevue, WA 98007


Refund Policies

These are the PTA's standard refund policies.  Specific refund information may be available for individual products, events, or classes on the ordering page.  All refunds are paid by check. 

  • Requesting Refunds for Products (e.g. Spirit Wear, Yearbooks, et al.)

Refunds are available for products that have not been ordered from the manufacturer. If a product was paid for by check, the $5 check processing fee will not be included in the refunded amount.  Please contact Yearbook if you would like to request a refund on your yearbook purchase. Once refund has been approved, please contact the payable Treasurer at [email protected] with reason for refund, name, address (if you require a check by mail), and contact information.  Refunds on Spirit Wear purchased through an outside vendor are non-refundable.  If you have an issue with a Spirit Wear product, please contact Spirit Wear

  • Requesting Refunds for Classes (e.g. Bomba del Sol, Tambores, Math Olympiad, et al.)

Refunds are available only if you withdraw before class begins. If an instructor needs to cancel a class, a makeup will be offered in lieu of a refund. There are no refunds after a class begins. If class was paid for by check, the $5 check processing fee will not be included in the refunded amount.

  • Requesting Refunds for Donations

Refunds are available for donations within a month of the donation being made. Anything over a month will need to be approved by the Board of Directors.  For donations made at the Auction in exchange for merchandise, see the policy under Requesting Refunds for Products. 

  • Requesting Refunds for Events (e.g. International Festival, Drama performances, Mariners Night, et al.)

Refunds are not available for events.

  • Requesting Refunds for Advertising Purchases

Refunds are not available for advertising purchases such as advertisement space in playbills or programs.


Restricted Donations

Your unrestricted donation is very much appreciated and will be used to support the PTA's standing budget.  If a donor feels compelled to support a specific PTA program, any restricted donation over $500 will be reviewed by the PTA Board, prior to approving the donation as restricted.  If approved, the donation will be restricted for the current fiscal year in which the donation was made.  After the end of that fiscal year, if the funds are not spent as restricted, they will be transferred into the PTA’s general fund and used for general PTA expenses.  Any donations under $500 will be returned to the donor unless the donor allows the funds to be converted to an unrestricted donation.  Donations may be refused at any time by the PTA Board without explanation.

Financial and Budget Reports

PTA financial reports and budget reports are available to PTA members upon request.  For security purposes, PTA financial information can not be shared via the Internet. For more information, please contact the PTA treasurer at [email protected].


If you have questions about any of our PTA financial policies, please contact our treasurer at [email protected].