GOALSJoin GOALS for fun and engaging soccer classes for players of all age and skill levels!

Who May Participate?
Soccer (GOALS) is open to students at Puesta del Sol, with a maximum of 14 students per session. If the minimum enrollment of 5 students is not met, the class may be cancelled.

PTA Chaperone
At least one PTA-member Chaperone must always be present throughout the entire session. The PTA Chaperone receives a 50% discounted registration fee for their child. Please register for the Parent Volunteer discount upon checkout. Only one discounted volunteer registrations are available per session. Volunteers must complete the Bellevue School District requirements and follow the Chaperone Checklist.

Time and Location
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays; 3:35pm – 4:50pm (75 minutes)
Class dates:  April 2 through 5/9/2024
No classes during Spring break (week of 4/8)

$203 per player (one day each week)
$387 per player (both Tuesday & Thursday each week)

Maximum registration: 14 students
Express interest here: https://forms.gle/WsZj51YYCJPCEEop8