It's the last Passport of the year!  

Passport is early this month because we collect all of the booklets and record which kids passed their grade level each month and those that passed all five levels consistently and turned in their Special Itinerary worksheets. We then print awards for these high-achievers! These will be sent home in June along with all students' Passport booklets.

If you have a 1st-4th grader, please hold on to your large purple map packet. There will be no changes to the maps for next year. These packets are to be saved by all students through 5th grade. Current kindergartners will receive their map packets in September.

On Tuesday, May 21st, we are excited to have 5th grade student checkers at this last Passport Check of the year! We will need some parents to help check from 12:30-1:30 and then assist the student checkers as needed. There are also opportunities to bring snacks, help with stamps and collect booklets. Volunteer, if you are available. The Special Itinerary for the month is Norway.