Flamenco is from Andalucia in southern Spain. It is a profound, mysterious, powerful and passionate art form, expressing all of life, and emerged from a mixture of eastern and western cultures over many centuries, including influence from the Arabs and Moors, the Gypsies from India, the Jews... and coming from the heart and spirit of each individual, expressing their joys, their sadness, a great range of emotions... and touching the heart and soul of each other and the audience. We will be learning beautiful dance movements, involving a lot of arm and hand movements, proud posture, lots of fun rhythmical foot stomping, percussion of different kinds of hand clapping to flamenco rhythms, shouts of encouragement as flamenco artists do, a fun singing number with clapping and choreography, and another more involved choreography.

Flamenco dance, including lots of footwork (stomping!), percussion of hand clapping patterns to flamenco rhythms, arm and hand movements for both boys and girls, proud posture, finger snapping, moving to the rhythms of flamenco music, learning a singing number with clapping and choreography. The instructor for this class is internationally known Flamenco dancer and teacher, Ana Montes (www.anamontes.com). One or more parents of students participating in the class will also be present to help with attendance.

This is a PTA-sponsored Flamenco program and is taught in Spanish.  

Time and Location

  • March 20, 27
  • April 3, 17, 24
  • May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

No class: 4/10 (Spring Break)


  • Morning: Wednesdays 8:00-8:50 (Ideally beginners)
  • Afternoon Wednesdays 1:25-2:25

Cost: $200