This year our Ed Enhancement team has been working hard to bring back popular activities and add new opportunities for our students to learn and grow. We will have flyers and volunteers to answer your questions at our Ice Cream Social on September 8th.

There will be three Extracurricular Sessions this year:

  • Fall Session: week of 9/25 through week of 12/8 (no activities 11/20--11/24)
  • Winter Session: week of 1/2 through week of 3/8
  • Spring Session: week of 3/18 through week of 5/31

Other important information:

  • Some of our programs will be offering Mini Sessions so that students have the opportunity to try out new things. More details to come soon.
  • Some activities will be highly affected by no school days. Please look carefully at the details when you register.
  • Registration will open TWO WEEKS before the beginning of the session. For Fall, that will be September 11th.
  • Cost varies per activity.
  • If an activity fills up very quickly, PTA will assess the need for waitlists and/or lottery placements.
    Scholarships are always offered for PTA-sponsored activities. More information is available here.
  • We are recruiting Parent Coordinators for every Before and After activity. The PC will be in charge of taking attendance, assisting in an emergency, and acting as contact between the program vendor and the PTA as needed. In return, they will receive discounted student enrollment.

The FULL Roster of Activities will be on the website very soon...including some new and exciting classes! Please be on the lookout for announcements on these additional enrichment activities!