Has your student been telling you about this new thing at school called NEST? All our students are experiencing a new way of learning at school lately! Here is the explanation from Principals Danelle & Aishla:


NEST = Nurturing. Every. Student. Together.

What it is: This is the whole grade level group time for push in support with intervention and extension for all students, using assessment data to focus on targeted skills to support student progress. All students in a grade level will be mixed together and grouped based on skill level to work in small groups. The groups are flexible, led by an adult, and often occur four days a week.

Why we are doing it: Inclusive scheduling of differentiated support mitigates the potential negative impact that pull out instruction can have on a student’s self esteem. When all students are served together by many different adults no one is singled out and strength based approach versus deficit approach can happen. Classroom educators have a group of educators wrapping around their students versus figuring it out all on their own. Puesta is composed of many educational experts in both English and Spanish. This includes the designated grade-level teachers, resource (SpEd) teachers, LAP facilitator, MLL teacher, and our ITCL.

If you haven't heard your student mention NEST (or "Nido" in Spanish), please ask them about their experiences. Should you have more questions, please reach out to our school leadership: [email protected] or [email protected] .