Support Bellevue School District and limit budget cuts: Comment on Senate Bill 5956!

Follow this link for full details, video of testimony, and link to comment ("support") on the bill. It takes one minute!



On Monday, January 15, 2024, BSD Superintendent Dr. Aramaki was in Olympia testifying in support of Senate Bill 5956. Currently there is no adjustment to the local levy cap for the higher cost of living and wages in high cost areas. The State does provide an adjustment on state funds but caps local funds with no regionalization factor. This prevents BSD from collecting all of the funds already approved by local voters. BSD is left with budget short falls and no way to address the issue locally without action by the state.

Senate Bill (SB) 5956 would bring in $10M to Bellevue annually, which is about the same amount as our next year’s deficit, and close to what our deficit is the following two years.