Drum Roll, Please!

We are officially announcing a Raffle for ONE MONTH of RESERVED PARKING right in front of Puesta del Sol Elementary.

Walkathon Raffle
Can you imagine zipping into school 5 minutes before the bell...and not having to wait in the drop-off line or aggressively avoid half-asleep kindergartners as you search for a free parking spot?!? No longer will you suffer the agony of seeing a free spot...only to find out when you get closer that a tiny car has parked itself right between two huge SUVs.

One raffle ticket will cost you $5. That's right. For one cup of fancy coffee...you get guaranteed parking for a whole month.
For $20 you get SIX tickets.

There will be six drawings in total, one each for October, November, December, January, February and March. Want your child to feel like a celebrity? Drop all your spare walkathon dinero on their birthday month!
Tickets will be for sale during WALKATHON 2023 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm! (Cash and Online Payment options available)

Look for raffle ticket sellers in the crowd, or find the PTA booth to purchase tickets, write your name & phone number on the back, and drop your tickets in the vase marked with the month of your choice!