From: Jonathan Shearer, Principal, and Angelie Duimovic, Assistant Principal

Date: August 18, 2020


"Our teachers realize the challenges all families are facing at the start of this unprecedented school year. To help, we are significantly reducing our annual recommended supply list. Across grades K-5, teachers ask that students have the traditional minimum supplies of pencils/writing utensils, paper, scissors, glue, etc. for use at home during the Temporary Remote Learning time period. When students return to school, the supply list may be updated, although extra time will be given to families to gather supplies.

"One small exception is with Art. For weekly Art class, Sra. Patti and Sra. Holloway recommend that students have a simplified set of art supplies: (1) watercolor paint set (click here for a $1.97 example from Amazon), and (2) watercolor paper (click here for a $3.99 example from Amazon).

"If you have any difficulty purchasing these supplies, please note that we plan to have 50 sets available for families to pick up."