From time to time, we have seen families that have separated and continue to share children at Puesta del Sol Elementary School.  We understand that this can present issues when ordering items, registering for classes and camps, and even for volunteering.  Here are some options for handling this situation when it comes to using our new PTA website.

When setting up an account, if you enter in a student name and teacher that matches the student name and teacher entered by another family, your accounts will merge and become a single shared account.  The following information can be seen and edited by all parties who share the account: full name, email, phone, address, volunteering preferences, product orders, donations, and membership signups.

If your families do not have any privacy limitations, you can set up a single account like any other family using the website.  Just enter in the first and second household information in the signup screen.  Then when placing orders, you may need to indicate special instructions from time to time.

If your families do have privacy limitations and want to ensure that the other family sharing a student at the school cannot edit or view personal information such as email, phone, address, and volunteering preferences and orders, then you will need to follow these instructions.

Option 1)  Recommended

Each family will set up their own account.  The two families will enter the student name slightly differently in order to trick the system into thinking there are two separate children.  For example, one family will enter the student name as Jane, and the other will enter Janie (or Joe and Joseph, Alex and Alexander, Chloe and Chloee, Madilyn and Maddie, etc.).  Student or family names with and without accents will not match up automatically (e.g. Renee and Renée) however the directory search function is not likely to find Renée or other students and parents with accented names.

Option 2) 

Each family will set up their own account.  Only one family will enter the student(s) and the other family will leave this information blank.  Alternatively, one family could enter the older child on their account and the second family could enter the younger child on their account.  This can cause problems when ordering Spirit Wear, yearbooks, or making donations and this option is not recommended.

If you have questions please contact the webmaster for help at [email protected].