Date:  Wednesday April 24th, 2024 
Time:  5:30-8:00pm
Where:  Puesta Gym


2024 STEM Fair Announcement

On Wednesday, April 24th, we had our first STEM Fair at Puesta since 2019! We had over 45 projects, ranging from "What's my cat favorite color" to "Kinetics" to "Hydrogen Peroxide" to "Rock Crystals". The enthusiasm from our scientists were amazing. We loved their curiosity, positive attitude and willingness to experiment.

Thank you to all the students and parents for participating in the STEM fair and taking time out of your busy schedule to support your student's STEM journey. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors for offering your time to this event.



2024 STEM Fair Information

Come join us at the Puesta del Sol STEM Fair 2024!!!  STEM Fair is an annual event open to all Puesta Students.   

Who can participate?  
All Puesta del Sol Students can participate in our STEM Fair 2024.  Students are welcomed to sign up for a project on their own, partner with a sibling or with their family.  One project per student. We encourage this to be a student-led project.

Is the STEM fair in Spanish or English?
English and Spanish are both welcome.  Spanish is strongly encouraged.  

Is this a competitive STEM Fair?
No, this is not a competitive STEM Fair.  We want to encourage all students to participate, to experiment, and explore the joys of science and technology.

Where can I get help with my STEM Fair Project?

Bellevue High School's Science Olympiad offers a service called Tutor Time, held each Saturday at various KCLS libraries. Drop into one of their sessions or email them ([email protected]) if you would like help with your STEM fair project! They host free drop-in tutoring for grades K-12 in any subject, and they have tutors knowledgeable in STEM to help you with all aspects of your project. For their schedule and more information, you can visit their website: https://tutortime.my.canva.site/ 


How to Participate?  STEM Fair Information

  • Register your Project by April 15th, 2024
  • Conduct an Experiment
    • Lower Grades (Suggestion for K to 2) - Make Observations, Compare and Contrast, Take Measurements
    • Higher Grades (Suggestion for Gr. 3-5)
      • Science Experiment:  Identify a Testable Question, Design an experiment, Measure differences between groups
      • Technology/Eng Experiment:  Identify an idea what you want to build, design the approach, capture learnings
  • Create a trifold summarizing your project
  • Come to the Stem Fair and share your project!


Suggested Timelines

  • January - Come up with an idea
  • February - Join us an Info Night and pick up a Trifold, Register your Project
  • Mid March - Project Registration Deadline, Start your Project
  • April - Make your Poster
  • April 24th - Come to the STEM FAIR and showcase your work



Are there any restrictions on my STEM Fair project?
No flammable, explosives and no live animal projects

Does STEM Fair contribute to the Academic Challenge?
Absolutely!  Make sure you register your project so we can verify your completion towards the Academic Challenge

Can I request for financial assistance for STEM Fair materials?
Yes, please review our financial policies here: https://puestadelsolpta.org/Page/AboutPTA/FinancialPolicy

How do I create a STEM Fair Poster?

What are some STEM Fair Ideas?


For any additional questions, feedback or comments or interested to help, please email [email protected]