Wednesday, February 12, 2020
5:30pm - 7:00pm
February 12th -  March 25th 
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The Puesta del Sol Science Fair is a celebration of science, providing families and students an enriching opportunity to observe, explore, test, and discover ideas together. The goal is to encourage curiosity and instill a love of science in students. In 2020, we have two opportunities for families to engage with science. First, a Family STEM night in February will allow for families to participate in guided, hands-on activities together. The Digital Science Project Gallery provides students an opportunity to ask their own questions outside the classroom and share their discoveries with the rest of the Puesta del Sol community. In both cases, families are encouraged to work together! No one will be graded or judged, so focus on making it fun for everyone. 

 To participate inthe Project Gallery, students:

  • Select a topic of interest
  • Conduct an experiment:
    • Lower grades - make observations, compare and contrast, take measurements
    • Higher grades - identify a testable question, design an experiment, manipulate a variable, measure differences between groups
  • Create a presentation summarizing the project that explains your Question (Title), what you predict will happen (Hypothesis), what you did (Methods), what you observed (Results), and what you learned (Conclusion).
    • Feel free to use pictures instead of writing lots of text
    • Text can be in English or Spanish

Important Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get started?
Start planning now! Pick a topic and develop a testable research question. See "Steps for a Successful Science Project", Science Buddies topic selection wizard, and other links below.

Should the poster be in English or Spanish?
The choice is up to you, though there will be special awards for projects in Spanish

Can students work in groups?
Yes, though we encourage students to work on individual projects. Groups will be grouped at the highest grade level of the participants.

More questions? Contact the Science Fair team at [email protected]


Sra. Brody has many science books available in the library right now! You can access SIRS discoverer, an online science database for young researchers, from the library computers or at home .  For login and password contact the Science Fair team at [email protected]

Some other great resources are below.

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