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Puesta del Sol Walkathon 2022

Fenix Renace

Rain or Shine!

WHEN: Friday, October 7, 2022 from 3:35-6:00pm. Rain or shine. (No pets please.)
WHERE: Puesta del Sol – north end covered areas and play field.
WHY: Build community. Raise funds. Have fun! 
HOW: Every student needs to RSVP either Yes or No!
WHAT TO BRING: Sunscreen, good walking shoes, blanket/chair to sit on, CASH or Credit for food


On Friday, October 7, 2022, Puesta del Sol is hosting the 20th annual Walkathon.

This annual tradition is our largest community-building event where family, teachers, and staff join students to walk laps in a fun and festive atmosphere to support Puesta del Sol's Fall Fundraiser. There is no charge to participate and there is no set distance, however, every student must RSVP

Walkathon is a component of the “Big Give” fundraising campaign. This component allows students and their families and friends to donate to their school. Students can promote their walkathon efforts and help raise funds by creating and sharing their Pledgestar fundraising page

Don’t miss this fun tradition! 



Every parent or caregiver MUST RSVP either YES or NO for each child in the family by Wednesday, October 5th. Permission is required for participation. This is not a drop-off event. Please find supervision for your child.

Avoid confusion on Walkathon day... RSVP for each child who attends Puesta del Sol, even if your family will not participate. We need a YES or NO for every student.

Why? There are always students who think they are going to Walkathon but for whom we have not received the required RSVP confirmation. Help us send your child in the right direction at the bell.



HELP US make the Walkathon a screaming success:

  • Volunteer: Help is needed before, during, and after the event. There is something for everyone! RSVP and then sign up to help: Sign Up to Help. (Please note that there are a lot of opportunities, keep clicking to see all the sign-up slots)
  • Bake: Would you prefer to provide baked goods, tasty treats, or allergy-free snacks? Volunteer for the Bake sale slots on the SignUp site



Students raise funds through flat donations or per lap pledges. PledgeStar is our web-based fundraising tool that makes it simple for students to request support from family and friends at home and around the world.



CASH HELPS – BRING CASH TO BUY FOOD. While Walkathon expects to have a Credit Card reader this year, cash will still be a reliable way to pay among all of the food options

What kind of food is available? The PTA will run booths selling pizza and donated baked goods. In addition, a food truck will be on site. All food sales are cash only. (Food options are subject to change.)

Is this a drop-off event? NO! All students must have a responsible adult present on campus during the Walkathon.

Where will I park? Walkathon parking can be tough. The Puesta del Sol parking lot and the surrounding neighborhood fill up quickly. As the Tyee lot fills up, we recommend parking in the neighborhoods surrounding Tyee. There is a walking trail that connects Tyee and Puesta del Sol. See our Traffic and Parking Information page and the Tyee Walking Trail Map.

Please remember to park appropriate distances from driveways and intersections. Police have been called during previous Walkathons, with many parking tickets issued in the Montrose neighborhood.

Can I bring my dog? No, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets. If you arrive with animals, we will have to ask you to take them home.

What should my child wear? We encourage students to wear comfortable weather appropriate clothing. On the day of the event every student, whether they participate in Walkathon or not, will receive a t-shirt that reflects their grade color. T-shirts will be distributed on the day of the event, and students who are participating in the Walkathon will be asked to place the t-shirt over their clothing.

Kindergarten- Red

Second Grade - Yellow 

Fourth Grade: Blue

First Grade - Orange

Third Grade - Green 

Fifth Grade: Purple


How many laps make up a mile? Ten (10)

Why should I run laps? Students are encouraged to run laps for fun and fitness and to raise money. As an incentive, students will earn colored bracelets as they reach milestone laps:

5 laps - Red 10 laps - Orange 
15 laps - Yellow  25 laps - Green
35 laps - Blue 50 - Purple
65 laps - Pink  75 laps - Black
85 - Blue/Green Swirl 100 laps - Yellow/Red Swirl 


What are the behavior rules for my child? School rules apply while on school grounds. Students should also demonstrate good sportsmanship. Only full laps around the track qualify toward the medal count. Kids who “fake” credits or repeatedly cut corners may lose lap credits or be disqualified from the medal competition. For safety reasons, we ask all students to stay out of the center track area.

What if my child doesn’t like to run? We encourage every student to walk or run at least a few laps. But there are a lot of ways for non-walkers to enjoy Walkathon. The Walkathon is our largest community event of the year. We encourage everyone to attend and celebrate our school and the contributions made during our GIVE BIG campaign.

Can I walk with my student? Yes! Family walking is encouraged. Please stay on the marked area of the track.

Most Laps Per Grade:  The boy and the girl in each grade who walk the most laps around the field will receive a medal at a school assembly in November. If your child is a medal contender, you will receive an email after Walkathon.

Still have questions? Email [email protected]

Dan Welygan
Walkathon 2022 Chair