Special Itinerary Information

  • Students can earn extra stamps by completing Special Itineraries.
  • Special Itineraries are offered for those students who would like more challenge and who would like to delve deeper into various countries and cultures.
  • Students can also submit their own Special Itinerary projects that demonstrate special work related to geography, culture, and foreign language. Click here for some ideas.

Remember to check out the Special Itinerary (SI) bulletin boards in the cafeteria and library each month for great visual displays which contain the answers to the activities. Special Itineraries are a great way for your child to learn more about one country on each month’s check list. There will be several copies of the SI at the bulletin board or you can print them out online. At each Check Day every month, there will be a small prize for completing SI projects.  

Questions about Special Itinerary?  Contact:  [email protected]

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