Multi-Cultural Project Requirements

Due Date:  Friday, May 1, 2020

There are 2 Parts to the Multi-Cultural Project
. Detailed guidelines and templates are below. There will also be hard copies available in the office beginning in early January. This project must show at least TWO hours of effort and will be displayed at Puesta del Sol’s Multi-Cultural Festival Event and to receive Academic Challenge credit.

The two parts need to be fully completed and placed unstapled in one clear plastic sleeve with each side facing out.  Be sure your child’s name, teacher’s name and grade are clearly listed on both pages.

*Did you participate last year? Students must choose to research a different country than previous years. Participation records are kept and a repeated country will not be accepted.


Part 1: Paper Doll

  1. Dress your paper doll in traditional attire.  Your child may choose a country of his/her own cultural background or any other country of interest.    
  2. Draw the design of the country’s flag as accurately as possible and color it in with the correct color scheme.
  3. In the doll’s empty hand, add a prop relating to the selected country. The prop can be drawn directly on the paper or on another page and glued. A photo or actual sample can be used, if not perishable. Examples could be a national bird, flower, symbol, etc.

Be creative! Use books, costume dolls, or photographs from which to gather ideas. Besides coloring utensils, use scrapbook paper, fabric scraps, felt, yarn, buttons, glitter glue, wrapping paper, etc.  All decorations should be securely fastened.

Part 2: Cultural Information Worksheet

To receive credit for the Academic Challenge, students must complete the questions on the Cultural Information Worksheet in their own handwriting. Answers must be completed in full.

**If you are unable to print the Multi-Cultural Project form, a hard copy of the form will be available at the Puesta del Sol office in early January. 

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