Please join your grade at summer park playdates!

See below for grades, dates, times, parks and contact info for any questions or to RSVP.  
Please check the Puesta del Sol PTA website for any updates.
Incoming Kindergarten 2022-23 (Class of 2035):
Thursday, June 30th 6pm - Hillaire Park.  Contact: Aly 
Wednesday, July 13th 5pm - Wilburton Hill Park.  Contact: Kyra  
Wednesday, July 27th 3:30pm - Robinswood Park, Contact: Ruth 
Tuesday, August 16th 5pm - Wilburton Hill ParkContact: Kyra
Wednesday, August 31st 3pm - Lake Hills ParkContact: Ruth
Incoming 1st Grade 2022-23 (Class of 2034):
Thursday, June 30th 6pm - Hillaire Park.  Contact: Aly 
Saturday, July 9th 4pm - Spiritridge ParkContact: Aly 
Wednesday, July 20th 3pm - Robinswood Park.  Contact: Megan 
POSTPONED TO SUNDAY 7/31 due to heat: Saturday, July 30th 1pm - Wilburton Hill Park.  Contact: Jackie 
UPDATED: Sunday, July 31st 9am - Wilburton Hill ParkContact: Jackie 
Thursday, August 4th 5pm - Robinswood ParkContact: Aly 
Thursday, August 11th 5pm - Lake Hills ParkContact: Jackie 
Monday, August 15th 6pm - Evergreen Park.   Contact: Aly or Jackie  
Sunday, August 28th 11am - Surrey Downs ParkContact:  Aly 
Incoming 2nd Grade 2022-23 (Class of 2033):
Thursday, July 14th 4pm - Lake Hills Park.  Contact: Ruth or Adri
Monday, July 18th 4pm - Spiritridge Park.  Contact: Anna 
Tuesday, August 9th 5pm - Robinswood ParkContact: Ruth or Adri
Incoming 3rd Grade 2022-23 (Class of 2032):
Monday, June 27th 4:30pm - Wilburton Hill Park.  Contact: Ronit 
Monday, July 18th 4pm - Spiritridge Park.  Contact: Ronit 
Monday, August 29th 5pm -  Surrey Downs Park.  Contact: Ronit
Incoming 4th Grade 2022-23 (Class of 2031):
Wednesday, July 20th 3pm - Robinswood Park.  Contact: Megan 
Incoming 4th AND 5th Grade 2022-23 (Combined, Classes of 2031 and 2030):
Wednesday, June 29th 6pm - Lake Hills Park.  Contact: Aly 
Sunday, August 14th 11am - Newport Hills Park.  Contact: Aly 
Sunday, August 28th 12pm - Surrey Downs Park.  Contact: Aly 
Incoming 5th Grade (Class of 2030):
Tuesday, July 19th 4:30pm - Tam O'Shanter Park.  Contact: Aly 
Graduated 5th Grade (Class of 2029):
Tuesday, June 28th 6pm - Wilburton Hill Park.  Contact: Suzanna
Thursday, July 21st 6pm - Luther Burbank Park.  Contact: Suzanna
Saturday, August 20th 11am - Grass Lawn Park.  Contact: Suzanna