PTA Web Page Updates Using I-Frame Format

What is an I-Frame format web page?

A web page with an “I-Frame” (=“Inline Frame”) is a web page which has an embedded window that is inline with the rest of the page and we can display an external web page or document within that window.

This type of web page is being used for many of our programs/events pages to allow committee chairs to easily access and update their own program/event information on a personal Google document that has been made publicly available for viewing.  Using i-frames streamlines the process of updating program/event information on the website by reducing the number of email exchanges between committee chairs and web content editors “to get it right”. This is a tremendous benefit to the committees, the web team, and the school community.

For this web page to be successful, there are a couple of requirements:

1)    Committee chairs need to regularly obtain approval from their VPs for making updates, and

2)    Committee chairs must keep track of when information needs to be updated on their Google Docs documents.

Examples of existing I-Frame pages on our PTA website:


Steps for Setting up Your I-Frame Web Page

1)    Provide text for the top portion of your web page which will be the “static content” section. A standard i-frame page includes a top section that contains general descriptive information about your program/event and that does not change much throughout the year (i.e. introductory paragraph or sentences about your program/event, the main date(s), venue location, etc.).  The Web Content Editor will maintain this section of your program/event page.

2)    Create a Google Docs document containing the specific details about your program/event.  This document will be linked into the i-frame on your web page. The information in your Google Docs document may include:  a detailed schedule of the event day, how your program will run its course, specific instructions to attendees/participants, time-sensitive information (for example, due date for slideshow photos to be submitted), special resource links for parents, etc.  Please note that we are asking for a Google Docs document to be used as we have found it to work best with our particular web page format at this time.

3)    Save your Google Docs document into a web shareable format upon completion so that you will have the appropriate link to send to the Web Content Editor for posting.  

Here is how to save the document into web shareable format:

Go to "File" in your Google Docs document and then select "Publish to Web". The web share link you get should end in "pub".


4)    Submit your final document link to [email protected], CCing your VP and [email protected].

**Please be sure your VP approves all content and content changes/updates on your initial Google Docs document before submitting it to the web team.  

5)    The Web Content Editor will post the link into the i-frame of your page and notify you when it is completed.  After your Google doc shows up within the i-frame of your PTA website page, you can continue to make updates with your VP’s approval and will no longer need to submit requests to the Web Content Editor.

You can set up your document to automatically republish when changes are made from the “Publish to Web” menu option.  If you uncheck that setting in order to keep changes in draft until you are ready, then you will need to “Publish” each time in order for your changes to show up.  There are benefits to each.

Even when the auto-republish option is selected, the changes can take up to 5-10 minutes to render in your page on the PTA website.  This is not within the PTA web team’s control.

Be certain to let your VP know about ALL changes that you make to your Google doc.